Computex 2012 Previews New Tech

Computex 2012 is currently underway in Taipei, and with that show comes a barrage of new laptops and tablets being unveiled that will trickle down into the channels for American business and personal consumers.  From dual-OS (Windows and Android) devices, to new Ultrabooks, to even 22-inch tablets, Computex is sure to showcase a variety of new and exciting technology options designed to improve your business and your life.

This year's show also showcases a lot of Windows 8 products, which should benefit consumers nicely now that Microsoft has recently just announced their new Windows 8 Upgrade program.  For more information regarding Computex and what's being shown follow the link to read, learn, and see hands-on just what is upcoming for the world of computing.  Contact us directly if you want to learn more about what is on display at Computex, or if you want to learn more about how new technology can improve your business!

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