Data collection and the NSA

China is commonly thought to be the opposite of the US, but for one city: Hong Kong. Hong Kong is arguably one of the freest societies on Earth, and has recently been the refuge of one of America’s biggest whistleblowers. In early June, Edward Snowden, an ex NSA (National Security Agency) consultant exposed data collection methods, causing massive uproar and confusion over cyber and data security.

Computex 2012 Previews New Tech

Computex 2012 is currently underway in Taipei, and with that show comes a barrage of new laptops and tablets being unveiled that will trickle down into the channels for American business and personal consumers.  From dual-OS (Windows and Android) devices, to new Ultrabooks, to even 22-inch tablets, Computex is sure to showcase a variety of new and exciting technology options designed to improve your business and your life.

We’ve Got You Covered

   Microsoft has launched their new Windows 8 Upgrade program for all new PC's purchased with Windows 7!

Starting June 2, 2012, any customer who purchases a Windows 7 PC will have the ability to upgrade to Windows 8 when the new OS goes public.

Here are the details:

Purchase a new Windows 7 PC
Go to https://windowsupgradeoffer.

Star2Star Business Internet Telephone System

A best in class phone system made for small business is here. Computer Fellows gives you big value at a small price. Just because you are a small business on a budget doesn’t mean you need to settle for an out-of-date phone system. You need the latest features and technology to help you meet your business goals.