Turning blogging into a business asset

People want to read your blog. You may not think it’s true, but the fact of the matter is that someone somewhere is looking for information on a subject you know inside and out. Of course, this information has to be presented in way that is engaging and unique to stand out and catch people’s […]

Why you should plan for BI wisely

Business Intelligence (BI) software has helped thousands of small and medium-sized businesses around the globe increase profits and improve efficiency. If you think your business will enjoy similar success by simply installing some software you are sorely mistaken. You must plan BI implementation wisely in order to see the results you want. Here are a […]

How boring brands can win on social media

As a business owner, you may think social media isn’t worth the effort. You may have dabbled in Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn and seen minimal (if any) results. Of course there are other businesses that do well on these platforms – like Nike or Google – you may think. But these are exciting brands! What […]

What you need to know about Apple’s new iOS 9

For nearly two months now, Apple’s iOS 9 has been available for upgrade. But if you have yet to make the switch, you may still be curious about its new features and whether or not they make it worth installing. If this is you, here’s what you need to know about iOS 9 and four […]

Best storm preparation is communication

There is nothing worse for a company and its customers than being forced to close because of inclement weather. And with winter almost upon us once again, now is a good time to make sure your business continuity plan is prepared for anything and everything mother nature is looking to throw your way.

Data collection and the NSA

China is commonly thought to be the opposite of the US, but for one city: Hong Kong. Hong Kong is arguably one of the freest societies on Earth, and has recently been the refuge of one of America’s biggest whistleblowers. In early June, Edward Snowden, an ex NSA (National Security Agency) consultant exposed data collection methods, causing massive uproar and confusion over cyber and data security.

Computex 2012 Previews New Tech

Computex 2012 is currently underway in Taipei, and with that show comes a barrage of new laptops and tablets being unveiled that will trickle down into the channels for American business and personal consumers.  From dual-OS (Windows and Android) devices, to new Ultrabooks, to even 22-inch tablets, Computex is sure to showcase a variety of new and exciting technology options designed to improve your business and your life.

We’ve Got You Covered

   Microsoft has launched their new Windows 8 Upgrade program for all new PC's purchased with Windows 7!

Starting June 2, 2012, any customer who purchases a Windows 7 PC will have the ability to upgrade to Windows 8 when the new OS goes public.

Here are the details:

Purchase a new Windows 7 PC
Go to https://windowsupgradeoffer.

Star2Star Business Internet Telephone System

A best in class phone system made for small business is here. Computer Fellows gives you big value at a small price. Just because you are a small business on a budget doesn’t mean you need to settle for an out-of-date phone system. You need the latest features and technology to help you meet your business goals.